Covid Bivalent Booster Coming Soon

Apr 26, 2023

Dear Harper Health Family,  

Wishing you all a happy spring!  As we come out of hibernation, we are being greeted by a new CDC recommendation that will allow for an additional booster shot of the bivalent COVID vaccine for adults 65 and older and additional doses for people who are immunocompromised.  The initial vaccine that many of us received at the beginning of the pandemic (monovalent vaccine) will now be retired and the bivalent vaccine will be the primary vaccine used for COVID vaccinations.    

In the US, we are generally seeing fewer new cases, hospitalizations and deaths compared to earlier this year.  So why the new recommendation?  Although the bivalent vaccines have been helpful, new data suggest that just like the boosters that came before them, their protection may be starting to drop off. In the first two months after adults get the updated booster, the shot appears to be about 50% effective at preventing hospital or emergency room visits due to COVID (60% in older adults). By four months, however, the added protection from bivalent vaccines for those same measures falls to less than 30%, according to data presented at the February meeting of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Getting a booster will likely restore that protection.  

Every person’s situation is different and there are many things to consider including your other medical issues, travel, exposure risks, etc.  I encourage you to have a discussion with your provider about whether getting a booster is right for you. 

We will be stocking the Pfizer bivalent vaccine at each Harper Health location and they should be onsite by next week. We will keep the supply available in our suites for the next couple of months or so. If you are interested in getting a booster from us, please reach out to schedule your vaccine. 

Harper Health Team   

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