Travel & Vaccines
Explore Immunizations

Travel & Vaccines
Explore Immunizations

Travel & Vaccines
Explore Immunizations

Looking for peace of mind? We’ve got you covered. Our service offers the latest vaccines in the safety of our concierge clinic. We proudly offer an array of vaccines as a benefit of membership. While many are included, some specialty vaccines and those for travel destinations will have an additional charge covering our cost.  Explore the benefits of our vaccination program. 

Routine Vaccines 

Certain vaccines are recommended as a seasonal injection (influenza), based on age (pneumonia), or potential risk of exposure (Hepatitis B). Your physician will determine if a vaccine is necessary and in most cases we can administer onsite on the day of your visit. While most routine vaccines are covered, we will let you know if there is any cost involved.  

Routine Vaccines Available

• Seasonal Flu


• Pneumonia

• Shingles

• Hepatitis B

• Tetanus / Whooping Cough

• Meningitis

Travel Clinic 

We are pleased to offer full-service travel consultations at Harper Health. If you are traveling abroad, we will assess and recommend what preventive medications and vaccines are needed for your destination. We will write prescriptions and offer vaccines in our suite, including the difficult-to-find Yellow Fever Vaccine. For members, the travel clinic consultation fee is waived, and vaccines are invoiced only the amount that covers our cost.  

Travel Vaccines Offered

• Typhoid

• Hepatitis A

• Yellow Fever

• & More Based On Locale

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