Welcome, Dr. Meaghan Boston Daly!

Aug 16, 2018

“It is simply not possible to give excellent care to patients in a quick, easy or offhand fashion ... Time personally spent with the patient is the most essential ingredient of excellence in clinical practice. There are simply no shortcuts and no substitutions.”

— The Art of Healing, Philip Tumulty, MD

Growing up in Kalamazoo I always knew that I wanted to become a doctor—what a special gift to be a source of comfort and guidance during life’s most challenging moments! Unfortunately, both of my parents had serious illnesses during my childhood, and I saw firsthand the need for a trusting, dependable relationship with a physician.

With this goal in mind, I completed my undergraduate work at Cornell University in Ithaca with a degree in Biology. I then spent the next several years in Boston, first at the Harvard Institute of Human Genetics researching potential gene therapies for cancer and subsequently at Tufts University School of Medicine to obtain my medical doctorate degree, where I graduated with honors. I then returned to my midwestern roots and completed my internal medicine residency at Northwestern University in Chicago.  

After ten years in practice, I have seen our health system become increasingly more complex and impersonal, making it a challenge to practice the right way, the “old-fashioned way.” I always knew that being a great physician is more than just knowing the latest, most effective medical treatments—equally as important is having true concern and respect for each patient as an individual and an ability to communicate with them in a compassionate manner. This dream has become a reality at Harper Health. Here, I can apply both the art and the science of being a physician.

As a concierge internal medicine doctor at Harper Health, I am wholly committed to providing patients with the best medical care whenever they need it. My mission is to provide a personalized, proactive approach to each patient with an emphasis on prevention. Patients will have access to cutting edge medical technology in a private, convenient, and compassionate environment. Extensive, comprehensive annual physicals include assessment of heart disease risk, lung function, genetic profile for drug metabolism, cancer screening, nutrition analysis, body composition, and more. Furthermore, with office locations in both downtown Chicago and Hinsdale, I am available 24 hours a day for acute issues. I can do home and/or video visits and will help coordinate specialist appointments and hospital care as needed. Patients will always have a familiar face with their best interests in mind when combatting medical issues, whenever or wherever that may be. This is modern medicine, but good old-fashioned care.

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